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  • Nanette Marks

3rd Annual NIWA Ceilidh

Our 3rd Annual Ceilidh was held in Pennsylvania September 10-12th and what a wonderful time we had! Our day began Friday with Registration, introductions of members, and Dinner held at the Fairgrounds. Saturday began early with Demonstrations by Chief Conrad and his Dog Fury and a big shout out to Sheriff Carl Gotwald Sr for organizing the demonstrations by the DuBois and Punxsutawney Police.

Our members were able to either participate in an obstacle course that we had set up - or Lure Coursing ( Thank you Gundi and Michael!). A wonderful catered lunch was provided and then we were treated to a Demonstration of how Chiropractic practices can help not only people but dogs as well. Connor was our volunteer - he's a 12 year old Irish Wolfhound rescue and the difference one adjustment made was a sight to behold.

Dinner was served and after dinner we held a live auction of wonderful gift baskets donated by our Members. Thank you Pam Murphy for the wonderful baskets you provided ! The evening was spent around a bonfire with great conversation and comradery.

I can't thank everyone enough for participating and for Blu Butler for arranging the Fairgrounds, arranging the catering , the camping, putting together the demonstrations and being so gracious to field the many phone calls and my million questions throughout the year.

Here's to Year 4 !

Nanette Marks

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