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  • Nanette Marks

Bullying in the world of Breeders

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

< from a National Irish Wolfhound Breeder> It has been brought to my attention that numerous fan clubs are popping up for Irish Wolfhound Breeders. I prefer to call them fan clubs instead of hate clubs but hate clubs is really what they are. It's very obvious when you see them copy everything you do right down to contractual agreements that they are "fans" right?? They gripe about the contracts being too long but then copy them. One of the most disturbing things we as breeders have seen, is the photoshopping of our images. One breeder was recently harassed as the "fan" club used photos of IW rescued Wolfhounds and stated that they were a particular breeders hounds. The average person reading this would think it's real but think again and consider the source. It's obvious that as breeders we are doing something right and making a difference in our beloved breed or they wouldn't be doing this but it's still difficult at best to deal with the constant harassment and bullying. Some of the biggest "fans" are those that claim they are "experts" in Irish Wolfhounds but are they really? The best way to separate fact from the fiction being dealt on a daily basis is to go directly to the breeders and talk to them. Jealousy is an ugly trait and brings out the ugly nature of Bullying in the world of Wolfhounds. #bullying #stopthebullies

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