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National Irish Wolfhound Association Principles of Conduct for General Members:

1. All Irish Wolfhound owners will keep their hounds under control at all times.

2. Follow the Golden Rule, treat others as you'd like to be treated.


3. Appreciate your fellow members, recognize diversity, while encouraging and supporting all.


4. Do well by your hound. Keep them in top form, well fed, & in good health.


5. Be a great representative of NIWA, promote the integrity & image of the breed.

Principles of Conduct for Breeders:

1. Only sell animals that are in good health. Each puppy purchaser should have veterinary papers

and shot records provided, and information on worming, and shots.

2. Each purchaser should be provided a certificate of birth. Which should be followed up with a

registration after fulfillment of obligations as stated in the contract of sale.


3. Breeders must provide a contract for each individual sale and sell only to permanent homes. No

puppies should be sold to pet stores, wholesale distributors, dealers, or laboratories.


4. Breeders should provide a clause in their contract that states that they must take back their

puppy under any circumstances. If the breeder needs help finding another permanent home,

The Board encourages and supports the Breeder to contact our club Re-homing committee and

work together for the betterment of the dog.


5. It should be stressed by the Breeder, Board Members, and Committee Members that buyers

should contact the breeder first, with any questions, problems or concerns about their new



6. Board Members and Committee members of the NIWA should always do their utmost best to

encourage and uplift, assist and help other members and breeders that may have questions or



7. Advertising should be tasteful and truthful. Breeders should refrain from making unfair and

untrue statements or criticizing other breeders.


8. Breeders should have a breeding plan. Breeders should be considerate of proper and healthy

breeding practices. Consideration should be given to type, temperament, health, and the

overall improvement of the breed.


9. No puppies should leave the breeder and be placed before eight (8) weeks of age. Breeders are

encouraged to nurture the pup through 10 weeks.


10. The breeder should vet and screen the prospective buyer of the puppy.


11. All breeders are encouraged to understand OFA and CHIC. And be prepared to explain to the

purchasers why the breeding pair has, or does not have, OFA testing and a CHIC number.


12. Breeders are encouraged to have liver shunt testing done. Be prepared to explain to purchasers

about testing and disclose whether the puppy has had shunt testing, why or why not.

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