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We love to  talk Wolfhounds-

Open the tabs on this website, Find us on Facebook and Come visit us!

Be a part of  the fastest growing IW Breed Club. We are a busy group. We are a full service Breed Club. Our membership is growing just as fast as a newborn wolfhound puppy. We would like to meet more like-minded, Irish Wolfhound loving people and their dogs. Our Board has many plans for the upcoming year, and we have many long term goals on the agenda for the upcoming years. 


If you looking to meet  others that love this breed as much as you, or find a breeder, and purchase an Irish Wolfhound, or  you want to just have fun with your dog, and mingle with others with the same interests. Maybe you are wanting to adopt? Or maybe you would like to volunteer your time and effort to promote this great breed that you love....


Then look here, stay here, and                 to promote the Irish Wolfhound. 

Here at the NIWA we are all about family, Wolfhounds and fun.  We have answers to your questions and are here to support and guide you.

We welcome you to be a part of our all  inclusive community. Bringing people together without judgement. We are passionate about the Irish Wolfhound


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Not ready to Join?

We would like to thank each and every one of you for visiting our site and remind you that  your generous support for our community  improves the lives of many Irish Wolfhounds & their owners. The NIWA strives to help by providing support, education, rehoming and guidance in the best interest of the breed,

This soon to be largest Irish Wolfhound community is working hard to establish healthy, happy, long-living, quality Irish Wolfhounds and to provide support and assistance to breeders, owners and those who wish to own one.

your tax deductible donation will help us with our efforts.

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